Ep.9 — Sin Filtro

Watch B12live! Ep.9 Sin Filtro!

With writer/poet from East San José Yosimar Reyes, @yosirey

Chicana, activist, teatrista, poet, madre, abuela, guerrillera, elder — Graciela Cerna

Music by Los Rodrigues 831 @los.rodriguez.831

& Visual Art by Ariel Mar @arielmar_studio

Hosted by FredrokTag a friend. Out now. Sin Filtro!

(Artists Instagram handles provided where available)

Ep.8 — De Los Muertos

Join us for a night of Community Power, Platica, y Arte with Live Teatro, Hip Hop, and Son Jaraocho featuring Teatro Alebrijes, LaSofaqueen, Hermanas Salcedo, and a special youth Teatro Presentation. Hosted by Alexis J Casas w Lombriz on the 1s & 2s.

Ep.7 — Community Budget

B12 Live! brings you community power, platica y arte. With Salinas City Council District 1 Carla Viviana González, and City Council District 6 Anthony Rocha. B12 Teatristas: Alexis Casas, Ray Rios, Carina Salcedo, and music by Flaco el Jandro.
Produced and Directed by Cristal Avila Gonzalez, and Alfredo Avila.

Ep.6 — Mujer

Broadcasted LIVE! from an undisclosed location. Thank you to all the artists, @eme7, @qiensave, Carolina Perez and Cristal A GonzalezMujeres en AccionDj Roco, and Diana Carrasco. This episode was produced by Nate Eramaa.

Ep.5 — A XMAS Carol ¡y QUE! Radio Play

Baktun12 presents a special radio version of “A XMAS Carol ¡y Qué!” written by Luis xago Juárez and directed by Cristal Gonzalez Avila. Inspired by the Charles Dickens classic following a young homie named Sal from the East side of Salinas. In this version, Salvador Reyes takes the place of the Ebenezer Scrooge character who, as a result of his own abusive relationships he had subjected those in his community, is forced to face his past, present and future after a former partner of his returns from the dead to deliver a message of caution.

Originally presented in 1991 as a neighborhood touring show mounted in multipurpose rooms throughout the Alisal Union School District, the play continued to be modified throughout the 90s and in the past year has taken a different shape in it’s reflection of the criminalization of the young folk of our community.

CAST: Alejandro Gonzalez, Israel Villa, Hector Ruelas, Jacob Juarez, Brandon Nuñez, Abril Esparza, Mauricio Samano, Luis xago Juarez, Camila Zenteno-Ramos, Francisco Agusto Esparza, Clarissa Salcedo, Diana Elia Castillo, Ana Barrera, Roco Ramon Contreras, Samuel Peralta, Laura Tinarejo, Daniel Ibarra, Karina Salcedo.

Playwright: Luis xago Juarez, Producer/ Artistic Director: Luis xago Juarez, Dramaturg: Christy Sandoval, Director: Cristal Gonzalez Avila, Musical Underscore: Alejandro Gomez, Creative Producer / Editor: Alfredo Avila, Sound Mixer Support: Ricardo Garcia, Co-Producer: Alexis Casas, Co-Producer: Daniel Ibarra, Sound: Nate Eramaa.

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Ep.4 — Behind la Cortina de la Lechuga Part 3

Part 3 of our 3 part series on housing, episode 4 is a call to action for all. Listen to the last installment of La Cortina de la Lechuga. Written and directed by Cristal Avila Gonzalez. Noelia Verwolf of Vivienda Para Todxs, and the continuation of the Ballad of Don Jose. Housing Advocate leader Matt Huerta, and a performance by Alejandro GomezFlaco el Jandro‘.

Ep.3 — Behind la Cortina de la Lechuga Part 2

Featuring the Monterey County Black and Brown Solidarity Coalition (@MCSC831), Ms. Carla Gonzáles, and Pastor Artis Smith. The Baktun12 teatristas with a continuation of La Cortina de la Lechuga written by Cristal Avila Gonzalez. An interview with Vivendas Para Todxs’ (@VPT_Salinas) very own Victoria Kassandra Moreno Negrete Verwolf and spoken word form @VPT_Salinas and Agents of Change (@agentsofchange831) Samantha Varela.

Ep.2 — Behind la Cortina de la Lechuga

The first in a 3 part series on housing.

Ep.1 — Voces de nuestra Comunidad

Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, Baktun12 comes together to bring you the voices of our partners and community, in the form of spoken word and audio theatre.

Special thanks to : MILPA COLLECTIVE , NAA CHAN KAN cultura y tradicion