Ep.5 — A XMAS Carol ¡y QUE! Radio Play

Baktun12 presents a special radio version of “A XMAS Carol ¡y Qué!” written by Luis xago Juárez and directed by Cristal Gonzalez Avila. Inspired by the Charles Dickens classic following a young homie named Sal from the East side of Salinas. In this version, Salvador Reyes takes the place of the Ebenezer Scrooge character who, as a result of his own abusive relationships he had subjected those in his community, is forced to face his past, present and future after a former partner of his returns from the dead to deliver a message of caution.

Originally presented in 1991 as a neighborhood touring show mounted in multipurpose rooms throughout the Alisal Union School District, the play continued to be modified throughout the 90s and in the past year has taken a different shape in it’s reflection of the criminalization of the young folk of our community.

CAST: Alejandro Gonzalez, Israel Villa, Hector Ruelas, Jacob Juarez, Brandon Nuñez, Abril Esparza, Mauricio Samano, Luis xago Juarez, Camila Zenteno-Ramos, Francisco Agusto Esparza, Clarissa Salcedo, Diana Elia Castillo, Ana Barrera, Roco Ramon Contreras, Samuel Peralta, Laura Tinarejo, Daniel Ibarra, Karina Salcedo.

Playwright: Luis xago Juarez, Producer/ Artistic Director: Luis xago Juarez, Dramaturg: Christy Sandoval, Director: Cristal Gonzalez Avila, Musical Underscore: Alejandro Gomez, Creative Producer / Editor: Alfredo Avila, Sound Mixer Support: Ricardo Garcia, Co-Producer: Alexis Casas, Co-Producer: Daniel Ibarra, Sound: Nate Eramaa.

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